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    Collecting cast iron
  1. Sorry if this in wrong forum. Earlier this spring a gentleman posted several items for sale, he lives in Rhinelander, Wis. I have lost his contact info, can't even remember his name. I bought a small lathe from him at that time with intention of picking it up later. Well my wife and son will be in that area next week and they will have room to drag home another treasure. That is if I can make contac twith him!! Thanks in advance. Marshall
  2. Good morning. Not sure if this of interest to members or not. I am in planning stages to host a scraping class that will feature Richard King as the teacher. Here is his website http://handscraping.com/ Class will be held in August in central Iowa. Have room for campers, motels are nearby. Dates have not been set yet, still looking for input as to what week would work best, along with length of class. Any questions please contact me. mhenderson@bigoldiron.com Thanks Marshall
  3. Question from a newbie. Can someone explain how this hammer works, ie;, how power is transmitted from motor to ram and how stroke, etc. is controlled? Have decent understanding of Little Giant style hamers and steam hammers. Really enjoyed the way the Nazel worked. Hammer just went from "nice to have" to "Must have". Thanks Marshall
  4. Just curious what the overall size of this jewel is? Trying to get a feel for what you are undertaking. Probably too late, but, any way to get a heavy wrecker in to pick it up? My large lathe (Springfield 42" x 160") is just over 20,000 pounds, 23 feet long and 10 feet tall and Used a heavy wrecker to lift it off the lowboy. Lots cheaper than a crane. Marshall
  5. I have seven lathes, not all are runnable yet. They range from 5"X16" wood pattern makers lathe to my baby, a 1930's Springfield 42"X 160" that weighs in right around 20,000 pounds and is 23' long. here are some pics showing it being unloaded and one showing a 16" chuck mounted inside the main chuck. Enjoy. Marshall
  6. Hello My name is Marshall Henderson and I collect cast iron. Main interest is collecting old construction equipment, at least that is what it started out to be. Decided to get a few machine tools to help support the collection and restoration process, at this time I have 7 lathes, 2 mills, 3 shapers, drill presses, Brown & Sharpe gear cutter, etc. Have located a steam engine to run the lineshafting which means a boiler and if you have a boiler that means that you really need other tools that run on steam. A very slippery slope. Thinking that a steam hammer would be neat to have and next thing you know is I am signed up here! Have just started to look at all the information that is available on this forum, WOW. Marshall
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