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  1. ban me if you like for "questioning the admin" - can you say Messianic complex?, but where is the backup? As admin of a website one of your fiduciary duties is to perform a regular backup of the data (which includes verifying the recoverability of the backup). why wasn't this done and what have you done to ensure that any further disruption of service / data loss will be prevented? if I am banned goodbye all it was wonderful reading all the ideas in each and every section. Keep up the good work. Merry christmas, happy holidays and happy new year.
  2. I am starting to do a 5 sided light. I know all the inside angles are 72 deg. each vertical piece will we bent to this angle to form the corners then swaged out to meat the bottom frame (i want the inside of the verticals flush with the bottom frame. || || || swaged =|| =|| =|| // || (( curl (( )) == my question is how do i bend the curl at the bottom across the 72deg angle and still keep the angle (think curling angle iron along the corner)
  3. Fantastic site, Thanks to all for posting and sharing thier ideas. I live in Belleville, between Kingston and Toronto in Ontario. Work in Toronto and forge when I can. Just a beginner but I am starting to be able to make stuff I am happy with rather then sparklers I have jumped on the horseshoe spoon bandwagon, and am including them in my christmas cards along with a little blurb about how lucky they are. I am working up ideas on a couple of railings, one for the house, one for the cottage. Cheers, Mike
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