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  1. It's definitely pretty, and, being a large anvil lover, wouldn't mind at all having that large hunka steel perched within my useable reach, but... At some point, ya just gotta let the collectors with too much money have their toys. Or, if you intend to make a little money in this business, start with a lot. Then there's the smith that just wants to start with good tools, but doesn't have the luxury or time to look around for a bargain or wait for one. Jeez, what a dilemma! Buy it, don't buy it... If I had unlimited resources, I'd buy it and use it as a doorstop, or better yet, put it in the do
  2. Alan

    ID another leg vise?

    This one, sad to say, HAD a wrap around mounting. Wear indicates it wasn't very tight either. I will probably go back with a strap type wrap-around similar to Iron City. I am pretty jazzed about the angle of the jaws though, it will really help with access with chisels or files. Again, I Thank ya'll for your input, as usual, freely given and always informative!
  3. Alan

    ID another leg vise?

    Thanks, I guess it's just different from all the others I've acquired and seen down here in the hinterlands. Most usual are the Colombians and Iron City because they were the most popularly sold at the 2 big industrial supply stores in San Antonio. I have a couple of the stamped Columbians, appear late mfg by name and mfg changes. The double keeled is just ingenious and a great addition, but I can also see why the other "big" makers didn't use it. Sometimes I just get wrapped around the axle in insignificant trivial stuff, but it helps satisfy my curiosity. Thanks again!
  4. I just acquired this vise from a friend that was tired of watching it rust at his place. I was initially intrigued by the profile of the jaws, (Farrier's vise?) and after cleaning it up a bit found several names. On the front of the vise jaw was MILLS, underneath and vertically was MOxxxANIA, NEW YORK, and under that horizontally the number 54. On the fixed leg was stamped SMITH & OSSO, BIRMINGHAM and maybe C. after. The screw is temporarily without a handle. The box was different from any of the others I have in that there are 2 of the "no twist" rails cast opposite each other and they bo
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