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  1. Neither is superior. The Person who has studied the skill more is superior. With a katana a broad sword or a simple box cutter. That just me though. Dustin
  2. ok , this is coming from someone who also appreciates the FFVII saga. yes, the Buster sowrd is very cool. no matter what steel you use it will be about 30 lbs if you want it to be a tru buster sword. i dont care who you are that would be too much for more than one swing. but if that is what you want to make then do it. my opinion wopuld be to make Sephirothes sword. it is actually a real functional and practical(in its own form) sword. it will still be heavier than most swords. but like i said clouds buster sword is very cool .
  3. i have a reletive that works at a plant. so i thought i had it made for getting coal. he told me that the coal they use wont even light with a cutting torch. they crush into powder and basicly spray it into the buner. the btus are very very low campared to blacksmith ccaol
  4. thanks alot matt . i sure would have liked to get my hands on a museum peice. but that is what i came up with with just internet research.
  5. i took these on my phone . i will try to get them resized or take some pictures with a good camera
  6. the first one is an Anglo Saxon seax that i made for my wifes midevil history presentation. walnut, brass, 1095. the second one is from a blade that i messed up whe i first started forgeing. i fixed the blade and drew out the tang. not much of a looker but fun to make
  7. thatnks dave. the thing i was wondering the most about was how they forgeed to blade like the first one in your post. that is the style i will be making. i am going to get to work on it this week end.
  8. i will be attemting to forge a saxon scramasax or scramaseax(same thing, i just found 2 different spellings) i know that the saxons and the vikings both used this style of blade in many different lenghts. i also know that some of these blades have a heavy "broken back" . i am going to try to make one about 4 to 6 inches in blade length. have any of yall ever this style blade? if so please show some pics. thanks dustin parker
  9. thomas, i might take you up on that invite. of course i will have to find time. this fall and winter is going to a busy one for me,. i will be working closer over your way next month. right now i am in texarkana working.
  10. im from pittsburg.(about an hour from you) i think we might have met on here before. thanks for the invite but i will be at a bladesmithing hammer-in at old washington. i am trying to get some info from 4-sima so i can think about joining that.
  11. thanks alot unicornforge. i think 4-sima will be the closest for me
  12. thanks for the welcome soon i figure the picture thing out i will be posting . i am moving my forge and all my stuff to my dads shop . i iwll be the 3rd generation using it and 4th gen on the anvil that is there. making some memories
  13. hell my name is dustin, i live in north east Tx. i am pretty much a beginner at smithing, i have made about 10 knives and thats about it. i am trying to find some smiths in my area willing to share a bit of knowledge for me to learn from. thanks all
  14. hello every one. My name is dustin and i just found this site. i have been forgeing knives on a regular basis for a little over a year now . i felt like i wanted to broden my smithing abilties so after a little web seach here i am. any help or advice is welcome. thanks Dustin
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