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  1. Do you still have the plans for the diy powerhammer? If so could you email  them to me.

    Shandazzle78@gmail.com att Martin

  2. so so jealous you guys have it all. Our large scrap yards no longer sell direct to public as massive take over happened. bloody big business. small scrapie yards will sell but generally don't get the good stuff.
  3. Posted 11 March 2011 - 08:32 PM first off health and safety blah blah blah certain ranges of vibrations over extended time periods is not good fr your health! yes even small ones O.H.S 3rd edition. should be on net some where. in order to suppress vibrations, installations should be deep and massive foundations laid below the foundations of the building separated from all structural components. so mount your hammer on a suitably sized and reinforced concrete foundation and anti vibration mat. mat must go between hammer and foundation and base so b loads of concrete boys the pit should be a aprox 8" larger than the foundation block. the walls and floor of the pit should be sufficiently thick and reinforced to be strong enough to cope with the dead weight plus live loads the base mat needs to be rated at the weight of block + hammer. well it's a very cut down version but I hope it helps. you can also cast in hold down bolts. the block should be cast out of pit (and a tip cast in lifting hooks) as ropes are hard to get out under a block that weighs 700 kgs + Hope helps
  4. your lucky when I throw hammers or steel or other things usually they bounce back and hurt me lol I bought plans for a waste oil furnace that will melt cast iron looks good.
  5. ok so what if the smith is a female ? and is that how all the magical items stopped being created because the smith got livened up didn't know they had 6 gauge in the dark ages
  6. I think you mean up load you want to up load to the net try imageshack you first need to in stall your software follow instructions then open your photo file and there they should be then either copy theme to a new folder go to image shack register was free and you should be able to get photos you can get a link for forums cut and paste link and that should be it I hope
  7. yep that's it home of the down under dunney just for laughs it's up side down many years ago they were going to build a pub that way too roof on the ground stumps in the air. "Australia " Oztrailia where if ya aint being roasted you are being flooded.
  8. hay all I'm in oz if a broken down power hammer was for sale it would go for $2000 to $3000 or more then to dis mantle clean repair have re engineered and possibly recast would blow out the cost hence the reason I want to build my own oh and probably a day or two for making gards.
  9. I totally agree it should have (more)some guards unfortunately there isn't any info on what happened the nearest thing would be the hammer end spring broke either flicking out and over the top or coming straight through with the downward force of the hammer I would suggest a guard around the top motor and lifting rod some photos I've seen do show home made guards covering most of these areas
  10. 400 hours if you cut it all with a hack saw day and a half if you got all the steel motor an belt 3days if you got to run round took half hour to cut 2 pieces main column and other bits (C channel 6mm ) tack weld ran out of electrodes whiskey and beer also got to stare out shed wish could get payed for that.
  11. I read that the author was nearly killed by this machine and that's why the plans got pulled but one could die in a car on the side walk plane so I wonder was it the fault of the machine? and dose the ol adage apply never blame the tools.
  12. in reference to rail yard you could call them and ask for the shop foreman he may help or at least give the name of contractor and give theme a call. I have read that the author of those plans was nearly killed by the machine and that's why they got pulled. if it were me I would have put up a warning and described the problem so as others could work around it or solve the problem
  13. a rail car Boigie axial should be bout that if you have a loco works handy probably have a mountain of em a tractor axial should be hardened may be truck axial or perhaps drive shaft from a large gearbox
  14. Basic hammer plans https://docs.google....uthkey=CKGjj9UP Anyone built this hammer?
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