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Besides black smithing, I also love woodworking. I mainly carve but I do other stuff once in a while. I go to a school in Wayne NJ called the American Woodcarving School. I go every Saturday for 3.5 hours in the afternoon. This horse I have been working in since February. It is made of basswood and the brown coloring is not paint. It is woodburning that puts the hair texture which is very fine.   It is going to be painted Rome color which is reddish brown and will have a   White on top of the snout. The eyes are going to be dark brown and have epoxy on them which will make them look like glass. The base is going to be black and look a bit like rocks. I will post a picture when it is finished. Funny thing is that I started carving it before I knew or was interested in farriers. Let me know what you think!

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So now you have to carve 3 more, and rooks, bisups, pawns, and the kings and queans... 

Might need a rather large board...

looks good. One peice of advice, if you are softhearted, love kids, dogs and horses, dont become a Ferrier. You will end up broke and heart broken or well paid but youre soul will die. Why do you think so many hear have transitioned over to blacksmithing.

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I LIKE it a LOT. I was thinking a team along a wall rather than a chess set. Wouldn't matter I'd be pleased as punch to have it on display. Of course Deb would claim it instantly but as long as I got to look at it . . . Okay.

 "Rome" isn't an animal color, the correct term is ROAN. It's an even mixture of white and colored hairs. The redish color is Red Roan. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roan_(color)

My Appaloosa Banjo was a "blue roan." There are lots of roan colors but red is most common so most folk thing red roan is IT.

Sorry if I got all pedantic there but I really loved my Banjo and got sick of people telling me there's no such thing as blue roan. Oh darn, there I go again.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Thanks frosty. Yeah i must of misheard him Roan is the color. Red roan i suppose to be exact. Thanks to you and charles because you guys respond to everything and are a big help!

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being a Ferrier  is certainly interesting, part vet, part mechanic. The trith is we have bread them for everything but sound feet. Big butts, skinny butts, long necjs, short necks, even collor, but not sound feet. The  we ask them to do things that nature, in her wildest imaginings didn't build them for. Ad to this the fact that we can do more harm than good. Owners and trainers are  as guilty as poor work on our part, they think they have some magic formula to make them go father, faster or prettier. 

First order of buisness is to get the foot trimed so that the coffin bone is orented to the ground like god intended, dont leave the toe long or the heals unnatuLy high because of some illconcived notion of what is ideal, shoe the horse standing befor you. From their, we can asses and see if we can help the horse or is it simply best to get out if his way. 


you learn somthing new, and face chalages every day. 


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