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A crossbow I made a couple of yrs ago from a piece of oak firewood and a leafspring. Rhettbarnheart wanted to look so posted here to show him. Only forged the trigger parts really.

The plate in the middle is because I had to split the firewood to get a long enough stock. Next one will have more forged bits, maybe a proper saddle, and lockplate, etc. Hmmmm, sounds like an interesting project.

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For the bow portion, or prod, I didn't forge this one, because two years ago, I wasn't good enough at heat treating to make a decent spring. I probably will on the next one, especially since I'd like to make one with more of a recurve. It's cut down and ground from a leaf spring.


I did at least forge the trigger parts, but that was early into my forging. I also made a stirrup for it, and it cracked under stress (see, I told you I was bad at heat treating back then). The nut is a piece of hickory, with mild steel pins driven in where the trigger meets the pawl. I tried metal wedges, but they tended to come out or split the nut. They might have worked better with more pre-drilling before driving them in.


I used some elements of earlier, primitive crossbows, like the lashing for the bow, and the tied in nut. Doing it again, would definitely add a proper lockplate with pins for the nut and maybe make a block to enclose most of the top. It was definitely the hardest part to make work right without slipping or breaking.

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