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What Pulley to drive 100# Little Giant Hammer?

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Hi all-
Well, it looks like my hammer is about done from the rebuild, YE HAWWW!!!
I finally picked up a motor and now need to come up with an appropriatly sized pulley. Its an older hammer,1929. Clutch is in the center instead of hanging off the back. I'd like to use a "timing belt" type pulley as they seem like they would transfer power better and ride more like the stock flat belt. My 5 hp Baldor motor turns 1750 RPM has a 1.125" OD shaft, 2.75" long with a .25" keyway.

Anyone have a proper size and source for these pulleys? I've looked at the little giant book and online for comps. and just got confused. All the reference numbers are different, etc.
I'm gonna need a belt too, so a supplier for that would be great too.
If anyone has one with a motor setup like mine, mounting photos would be an enormous help as well!


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Browning Gear will have them - they have distributors all over the country and they might even ship to you direct.

Please post the diameter of your flywheel and we'll be able to provide an accurate size for the pulley (most driving pulleys are around 3 inches).

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You should have a 14 inch pulley on that hammer. LG says 275 rpm. 1750 divided by 275=6.36 14 divided by6.36 =2.20inches. For an L series belt that is a 19 tooth pulley. The problem is your motor has a 1.125 shaft you may have trouble finding the 2.20 pulley with that size bore. You will need a one inch wide belt. I run almost every hammer I rebuild with these belts and they work great I get most of mine from Granger. They are everywhere. If you need more help I'll be glad to try

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Thanks Peacock!
If need be, I can bore out a pulley. Do you happen to have the granger part number?
Also it sounds like you've rebuilt a few? Do you have pictures of a good motor mounting system?

Thanks for the tip on size. I was originally going to go 2.5". I thought it would be more available...

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