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Product Liability Insurance - any suggestions?


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Hey folks,

I am considering starting a small home-based business in Blacksmithing. I have forged a few small items that have been noticed by a person running a consignment shop locally. I still need to get all of the "business" formality in order, like business name, seller's certificate, etc., and I have been told by the person at the consignment shop that I need to get Product Liability Insurance for my forgings.

Anyone have any suggestions for a good and affordable company to contact?

Thanks in advance

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If the US insurance market is anythink like the UK then the most useful thing I can tell you is to shop around. Get quotes from as many places as possible and don't be afraid to tell one company what another has quoted you, they will often manage to beat an existing price.

In the days when I was a self-employed elecrical contractor I had to carry some heavy liability cover. It's the easiest thing in the world to just accept the first quote, or automatically renew existing cover at the end of the year.

It can be a real pain giving your details over and over again to many different companies, but the cost savings can make really make it worth your while.


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