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thanks for all of the great information you have up here. I found your site looking up homemade power hammers and appreciate all the info. I am have built a handful of gas forges for myself and others and need to build a hammer soon. I have a lot of scrap metal and fab experience, a powerful welder and a plasma torch so it should be a feasible enterprise. I have used a little giant before and a nazel air hammer. An air hammer is out of my possibility, not enough air, so will probably build some version of the rusty helve hammer or a tire hammer. Has anyone used both types and have any input on which has more control?
Another idea i had was to use a hydraulic motor instead of an electric for the drive, with the treadle hooked to the valve. Seems like there would be a lot of power and very good control. (parts are more expensive but I happen to have most of it sitting around...

aragorn deane
port townsend wa.

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