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Tornado Warning in December!??!?!?!?!

Dan Crabtree

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Ok so yesterday it was 66 degrees outside here in Illinois, Im close to St. Louis. Today its about 60 something and its been raining cats and dogs all day long and there have been tornado warnings.

Its normally freezing cold this time of the year so what is goin on?!

Global warming? Just a freak thing? or am I just too young to know stuff like this happens?

Honestly if ya ask me keep up the global warming if its gonna make it 65 degrees in December.
jk jk save the planet, green revolution, ect ect.

also has anyone noticed how big corporations have taken the "green movement" and turned it into a marketing tool? Yet they still dont put the ingredients on tooth paste.... hmmmmm

I havent checked into the toothpaste thing yet but apparently theres some nasty stuff in there. I hear your better off using baking soda, but still using aqua fresh here.

Oh, and what day is our new president inaugurated?

anyway thats about all the off the wall topics I had in mind let the opinions fly!

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