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needing help


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IMHO, that pipe will work fine, make it as long as you think you'll need for the kind of work you intend to do.

For my propane forge, I used 3ft of elevator down pipe. The entire inside is lined with 1" thick ceramic fiber refractory blanket, sold under the trade name Durablanket. Its good to (I think) 3200F, which easily exceeds our needs. I made a plug of durablanket, which acts as the rear fire wall of the forge, and it can be moved to change how much of the forge is heated. Propane isn't cheap these days, so why heat the whole forge when you only need a foot or so?

There are lots of options, like castable refractories, but I think the blanket is the easiest to start with. Also note, if you plan on doing forge welding, many refractory blankets will dissolve when hot borax/flux drips on them, necessitating a more flux resistent liner (like satanite) in the bottom of the forge.

Also, if you make the forge very long, you'll likely need multiple burners. The most important advice, I think, is make sure to include valving for fine control of the fuel to air mixture ratio.

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