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I Forge Iron

Hey all from Kansas


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I have been in bladesmithing for awhile, and have made a few knives, some forge work must mostly ground, and have a MULTITUDE of other hobbies.

(Everything from woodwork to metal work, and a little of everything in between. Metal casting to bladesmith, electronics to cabinetry. :o Jack of all trades so to speak.)

I am going to straight forge work though for my knives. I am a dog having to learn a new path to hunt though, as coal is simply not cheap or easy to get here. Charcoal is what I will have to work with, unless I want to drive out of state, or pay horrendous shipping charges. Ouch.

However, I do not know diddly about how charcoal acts on iron or the forge specifics about charcoal. This dog may be gettin' old, but he ain't to old to check out a new trail.

Any advice about forging or forge welding, in general or especially using charcoal is welcome. Feel free to converse either here or through e-mail.

Paul Andrulis

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