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Rust Right Out of the Forge


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Hi all,

I'm noticing a strange effect just recently that hasn't happened before- I'm getting nasty orange rust forming on pieces right out of my propane forge and I don't know why or if there's a good way to avoid it; I've been using this forge for near on 10 months now and this has only happened in the last month. I'm using the same steels, although the propane source has changed- but just to a different gas station. I suppose it's possible this is actually better than the magnetite scale forming, but I don't know- anyone know what the trouble, if it really is trouble, is? I tried searching, but do you know just how many threads have the word 'rust' in them? :D Thanks in advance.


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No, I haven't had that experience, but one time I had steel turn an ugly green or yellow in the charcoal forge. What do you mean the same steel, A36? Maybe the steel is different even if it is the same. Not all A36 is the same, just like not all re-bar is the same.

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