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Champion Blower 400 Series issue


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Hello all,

I have just recently inherited a Champion 400 Series Forge blower (along with forge). I have taken it off the forge to examine it, and I have discovered that it is not working properly. It seems to have a number of things wrong with it, but I have worked most of the issues out. I can get the cogs to turn, but the handle just spins inside the large cog. It is virtually useless unless the handle will catch and move the cog. I would take it apart and examine it further, but I am at a complete loss on how one would go about doing that. Any suggestions?

Thank you for reading, and thank you for any input.

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This is a great help to me. Thank you very much. I've pinpointed what the problem is, it's a "key" lock that locks into place in a groove on the large cog, and in another groove on the hand crank shaft. I still will have to disassemble the blower in order to fix the problem, but it should fix it. There is a considerable amount of rust, due to weathering, and It will take some time and precaution in taking it apart, but nothing out of reach of a blacksmith, eh? Again, Thanks for your time, and this has saved me hours of headache.

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