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I am not a forger as you may think... I do somewhat forge metal together though, my weapon of choice- a Lincoln power mig 350. I have been a mig welder for now on 12 years. I am not deceived into thinking I can forge cause I can mig. That's where membership in ths forum comes in. I will bild myself a crude forge out of a semi truck brake drum to burn coal in. I will force air into it to help heat the coal. What readily availible metal should I start with? I have the luxury of having the rail line go right by my house and therefor spikes are readily to be had. What metal is somewhat easily availible and holds an edge quite well? I would also like to find a supplier for 15N20 steel as close as I can to me (I live in southern Manitoba Canada). My ultimate goal is damascus steel- I think 15N20 and 1095 contrast well if I am correct. Speaking of rail line, what is train car axle made of? I have about an 80 pound chunk of it which I intend on using as an anvil. Is that high carbon?

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Might want to find a car brake drum, they are smaller and more coal-economical. The depth of a truck drum is prohibitive for functinality in a forge, unless you fill it most of the way with brick, clay, etc.

@carbon question: High enough at least. Set it vertical in a 5 gal bucket of mixed concrete, and you've got a pretty stable setup

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