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I have done this once, but lets start over. I am Matt Wheaton and I live in Ft. Gibson I like making knives and spurs, more spurs tan knives. I am currently working on a one piece spur design and whatever else tickles my fancy. My Mentor has been Jim Carothers in Perry. He has worked with me countless times in his shop and on-line. I have really enjoyed this site regardless of my lack of participation. It seems as though, when I have a question to ask; it has already been answered. I will work on becoming a more active member. Anyway; here arew some pics of my shop. ( Wife calls it a garage). Talk about following me home; The table is 1" plate. The vise base a roof-top A/C unit blower shaft assembly all scrounged. My shop is not messy, I know where everything is.







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