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I Forge Iron

Greetings from Beaufort,SC USA

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Hello all,

I'm getting back into metal forming...have a lot more time on my hands now.Medicaly retired at age 38 due to going blind. I've operated heavy equipment all my life. So I figure ,what the heck,why wait till the lights go out before having fun ?

Two years ago I build a very nice working coal forge in my backyard.Built from junk found at work.My forge was made out of an old yard cart body,tractor trailer brake drum.Lined with fire brick,cart was packed with sand to hold in heat.Blower was out of an old vent fan.

This forge was so hot I was able to melt steel along withany other metal. Please be advised...I'm no blacksmith,just starting back out and willing to learn.

The project I will soon be working on is a rail cart. You see I have 26 miles of abandon railroad track to ride. Now all I have to do is cast 8" railroad wheels for this project.

Hope to learn a great deal from you folks.Will soon be building another forge along with gathering more tools including a 80 or 100 LBS anvil.

Best regards

Beaufort,SC USA

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