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My name is Scott Whynot and I live on the South Shore of Nova Scotia in the little community of Middlewood. I'm 41 yrs old with a wife but no little uns. I work as a carpenter or log on my own woodland depending on the best opportunities at the time, and in the winter I go trapping.

Up until a few years ago me and my dad worked our woodland with horses and now one of my great regrets is not having payed more attention to my surroundings and how things were being done when we were having horse shoes done or gear repaired at a local smiths.
On a side note: We would have shoes done at what is now The Queens County Blacksmith Museum back when it was still just a little blacksmith shop by the river run by Archie Macknight. Who woulda thought!

I got my start in blacksmithing about 3 or 4 yrs ago when I was trying to fabricate some new trapping gear and an acquaintance (from the world wide web no less) advised me to build a forge. After that my interest in smithing expanded and I started accumulating more tools And the rest as they say is history.

I try to or I should say "want" to specialize in making items and tools for around the home, shop or farm that isn't made anymore but was once an everyday part of life. Or if it is made nowadays it's junk because the people making it don't even know what it's used for.

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