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I Forge Iron

Reckon it's my turn


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My name is Bret Smith. I live just south of Tulsa, OK and have a small cow calf operation about halfway between Henryetta and Okemah.

Several years ago while I was getting into geneology, I met a fella out of Colorado through a message board who was anachronistically enhanced for lack of better terms. He was a run out mountain man, high country cowboy and blacksmith/bladesmith of distinct quality. Through the course of several conversations I mentioned that I wish I could do what he did. His retort was an understated 'why don't you?', which has led to my current level of perdition with the craft.

I started pursuing the trade around the internet and subsequently found a class through the local Vo-Tech. I went to work with the instructor afterwords and learned a great deal from him. I haven't had the opportunity to get around much in the field, but distinctly desire the chance to do so.

That's the blacksmithing part, I suppose a little more bio is in order to keep up with the Joneses. I'm 38 single and never married. If you know any red headed Irish lasses, rurally minded and pleasantly proportioned let me know. :P:P:lol: My family has a respectable holding in Okfuskee county and looking to expand operations. I've been involved in a family business for the greater part of my life, though the operation was sold about five years ago which cut me loose on the world. Bwaaahahahaha! I wouldn't declare myself a machinist, though I've learned a great deal from those I've worked with and had work for me over the years. I still have all my digits and can muddle my way from an idea to finished parts on conventional mills and lathes with respectable precision. I am a self taught, scholasticaly bolstered welder, and a certified journeyman millwright. I've been trained in traditional wooden shipwrighting, though I was two days short of receiving my certification through inherent personality quirks. :? :P 8)

As soon as I get enough slack in my rope I'm intending to open a blacksmith, custom furniture and whatever shop.

I have some bold ideas relative to bio energy if you're keen to discuss them. I'm active in Southron Nationalist issues and alternative economics. Any research into the Agrarian movement on your part will inform you on where I'm coming from. :)

I'm a firm believer in learning all you can and applying the knowledge efficiently and effectively for the enhancement of your existance.

Basically a legendary curmudgeon looking for a place to happen! :lol::lol::lol: :lol:

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