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My name is Les, I live and work in Colesville MD. I have been blacksmithing for over 15 years but never really tried to selling any of my stuff. Now that I have retired from being a machinist I need to start selling my work. The problem is how do I do that? Last month I did a craft fair and didn't do well, it seems that my prices were too high. This month I was lucky and got invited to do a show with 10 other artists at a locale art studio, maybe that will go better. I will be doing another festival but I don't have a lot of hope for that one, it is a benefit for a small privet grade school. I have been demonstrating for this one for years and it is a lot of fun but I've never tried to sell anything before. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to price and sell their work? I have been making small items for the home, candle holders, fireplace tools, coat hangers, hooks,bottle openers, small tables, back scratchers and garden utensils.

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Welcome to IFI.

As for your pricing problem, I would have a range of prices from quick/cheap things that you can punch out in minutes to really good stuff. People will often drop a few dollars on a cheap article and only look at the good stuff but at least that way you are getting them to look. Hard for me to comment on prices for you though.

Another thing is to be demonstrating these "cheap" articles and people will often watch and if the article is in their price range then they will grab it. Leaf key fobs are great for this so have a good supply up your sleeve for the slower buyers.

Good luck

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