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New to forum and Blacksmithing


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Hi all...

My name is tony. I am 42 and picked up my first forging tools in the last year. I got interested in blacksmithing mostly because of a friend of mine who is into medieval archery. I wanted to make the bodkins. My dad is a blacksmith from way way back and is showing me what he can. he provided me with an anvil, hammer and a small forge. I recently purchased a hand blower from Kijiji and it works wonderfully.

I wanted to try out the new blower Sunday night so, after coming home from a medieval fair and seeing some metal spoons, I decided to make one. I have only one cross peen hammer and that is it for hand tools but the spoon turned out pretty darn good, I think.

My goal here is to make things in the most period correct way I can. I dont' believe alot, if any, hardy tools were available back then and i don't imagine there were many different types of hammers.

if anyone has any insight on this I would greatly appreciate input.


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