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Dave M

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I just thought I would share this since so many new smiths are looking to tool up. I have been surfing Craigs list for ME.& NH. & VT. lately and have scored a good number of priced right blacksmith tools. It seems like with these hard times people are cutting down or out some of thier hobbies or just cleaning out. I have picked up a couple of anvils for about $1 to $2 per pound and in good shape. There have been a bunch of leg vises at great prices and some have just been listed as just vises. I have just seen coal forges and even 3 propane forges, Always check out listings that say old tools with pictures of them, I just scored a bucket full of swages and fullers and punches ( $15) gave her a $20 and said keep the change . I have also found with some things that are over priced that once I tell them I am a blacksmith and that thier prices are a little high that they are some times open to offers as they would like too sell and see them used by a blacksmith. It just seems like E-bay price gouging has not hit Craigs list just yet. Also for any new ME. or NH. and maybe MA. blacksmiths there is an antique dealer in southern NH. who always has anvils and other blacksmiths tools some tools are not priced too bad plus you can get a good look and feel for them before you buy. He almost always has 2 -3 anvils some times more, his prices on these are a little high but if you can't find one it is a good place to start. Just send me a PM for name and location.

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