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Greinder frame suggestions

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Hello everyone,

Ive finally decided to pull the trigger and get a 2x72 after many bad words at my 6 inch cheap wheel grinder. But im spinning my wheels trying to find one that I like.
I dont particularly ascribe to the stock removalist theory of bladesmithing and do many other things other than knives. As such I live at my anvil and not at the grinder so this is for an all around purpose.

Ive been looking at origin blade maker and their basic frame as well as their dominator frame (it has tilt and a motor mount)
Also the Diktator Toobinator, plus the Revolution DIY kit since I have some welding experience and a MIG welder.

Does anyone have recommendations between these? Experience etc? Im planning on getting a VFD to conv 110V to 220V and have a 220V three phase 2HP motor. I just am stuck on the frame itself.

Edit: Also VFDs that are also American/Euro made like the KB Electronics one... but doesnt carry the 400-500$ sticker

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