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Need Advice on Steel Type

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Just for the heck of it . . . I may build a very small power hammer . . . just to make a few things quicker and easier.

I need two faces on it:  one a "flat to flat" for making material extremely "flat" . . . the other "slightly rounded to slightly rounded" which would be for drawing out the material.

I have an idea of how to make them so they would be easily removeable and changed . . . but will require me to use my little machine shop to work the steel.

Therefore I need a steel I can work on with my little mill . . . then harden so it will do the desired work.

I'm open to water harden / oil harden / whatever . . . have never done it . . . but will be glad to take a shot at doing it.  

Thanks, may God bless,


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I had been working with sucker rod that was 4130 for anvil hardy tools and liked it. I found some cut offs at our local machine shop that they gave me even though I was willing to pay for them. I made another set from RR track (unknown steel) that also worked well.

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