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Simplex MFG. Blower


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Simplex manufacturing #24448   /    H C

I have tried searching internet and forums (still learning how to navigate computer and internet) for information on this blower I came by on 1/24/'21. This is my first experience with blowers as I am mainly a woodworker that dabbles with many other skills and trades.  Any info would be great.

I would like to thank the creators of this site and contributing members for so much intelligent and useful information.  Have a happy and blessed day sharing the gifts we were gifted with.

I don't know why the attached photos uploaded upside down, they are properly edited here on my computer.


Simplex_MFG (4).jpg

Simplex_MFG (5).jpg

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I picked up one of these a few months back from a guy along with a home made coal forge and a leg vise. From what I've been able to gather on these they where made in McQueeney TX but the company either no longer is open or has moved on to making other items. I've been using mine for a month or so and its a great blower but does leak a lot of gear oil lol. Still looking at how to at least slow it down but other then that i haven't had much luck finding any other information.  Would love to know if you put it back to work or not? 

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