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Trenton Anvil Information please’

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This is my first post here so excuse any mistakes, I just read the Read this first Thread. 

I came across this place while trying to find information on my anvil that I just purchased Friday evening. I read through the Trenton list thread and didn’t find a close serial number to mine so I thought I’d post a separate thread. 

A little background on myself I started forging 4+ years ago with a buddy’s anvil I had borrowed, once I had to return it I was left without one. Anvils are hard to come by here with decent prices. So fast forward to last Friday I finally scored this Trenton anvil for $325 hopefully I didn’t get hurt too badly. 

From what I have read here this is a 98 pound anvil and the serial number I read it as A28458 maybe someone might see a number different than I. I was hoping somebody with a copy of Anvils in America could look this up and tell me the year it was made please. 

Thanks in advance for the help. 





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Welcome aboard... At $3.31 a pound for a Trenton in what looks to be in good condition, that's not a bad price in the current market. It is a farriers pattern and I hope you have read about not doing any grinding, milling or welding on the hardened steel face. Hammering hot steel on it will shine the face right up. I'm sure someone with a copy of AIA will be along to give a date range.

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