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The Cawood Sword.


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the Cawood Sword

Hand forged by Andy Davis, the Cawood Sword is a representation of a true historic sword that was found in the late 19th Century in the River Ouse near Cawood Castle which was an ancient Viking Lord's stronghold in North Yorkshire.

Throughout history much has been unknown about the original sword and its owner. It is extremely unique in the sense that it is a sword on the cusp of two eras. On one hand it follows the traditional Viking age sword style with its lobed shaped pommel and short stout grip. But on the other hand it has a distinctly medieval crossbar with its wide curved shape. The original sword also carries inscriptions that run down the blades fuller and is made up of a number of capital letters which do not form any known words. On one side they are in Roman script and on the other they are in Lombardic script. It is believed that these letters stood for words which in turn represented a phrase or saying that possibly held great spiritual power of sorts to the swords owner.


Steel: 1075 high carbon
Guard and Pommel: low carbon steel
Grip material: walnut and curly maple wood




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Absolutely beautiful.

I don't post very much on Fogg's site, but I lurk a lot. I have been watching you guys for a while now. Your work is amazing... and it only keeps getting better.

Keep it up, and keep hammering,


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