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Arctic Fire 2016 Grendel's Hoard Now Online


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For those of you that don't know. Arctic Fire 2016 was a mutli-aceted presentation by some top bladesmiths. They recreated items from Grendel's Hoard while building a mythology around the build. 
I've slowly been editing and posting the videos of the presentations, demonstrations, and interviews regarding the project. 

Chapter 1: Panel Discussion (Group)

Chapter 2: The Mother's Dagger (Peter Johnsson)

Chapter 3: The Material Culture of the Spear Danes (Petr Florianek)

Chapter 4: Hilting a Giant's Sword (Jake Powning)

Chapter 5: Undertow, the Giant's Sword (Owen Bush)

Chapter 6: Hrunting, The Sword that Failed (Dave Stephens)

Chapter 7: The Lyre of Lejre (J. Arthur Loose)

Chapter 8: Closing Discussion (Group)

Owen Bush: Forging the Pattern of Undertow

Dave Stephens: Multi-bar Pattern Welding Tips and Tricks

Jake Powning: Carving Waxes for Lost Wax Casting

Petr Florianek: Pressblech Techniques 

Peter Johnsson: Antler Forming with Heat and Steam

Petr Florianek: Carving Antler with Rotary Tools

J. Arthur Loose: Gilding Techniques 

NEW Artist Profile: Petr Florianek

NEW Artist Profile: J. Arthur Loose

Upcoming Releases: 

Artist Profile: Peter Johnsson

Artist Profile: Owen Bush

Artist Profile: Jake Powning

Creating "Undertow: Bloody Ripper of Tides"




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