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looking for expert for my new style 50# little giant

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Hi everyone, I'm trying to find someone who can help with my 50# little giant.  I bought it about a year ago, and Ive poured time and money into the machine and cant get it to run just right.  I believe that the problem is a misalignment on the frame  where the ram sits. In theory I know that I should be able to get the frame so that it it is perpendicular to the sow block and both faces parallel to each other, so ive ground the surfaces so that to me they are good or at least pretty close, but either I cant make that happen or there is another issue that I cant figure out.    I would really like to find someone that knows these machines very well to come and help me get it fixed, Im in southern california and am willing to pay someone who knows how to get it done.  

Thanks for any help I can get



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3 hours ago, Daneskop said:

Im in southern california

We won't remember this once leaving this post, hence the suggestion in this thread to edit your profile to show location, also a lot of other good tips for using the forum. READ THIS FIRST

BTW Welcome to IFI. The only person that fits your description I know is a fellow named Mark Krause (Hammer Whisperer). Might Google him.

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