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New and grateful


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My son has been telling me he wants to be a blacksmith since he was a small boy.   When I asked him what he wanted to do for his 12th birthday he said he wanted to make a knife.  

Thanks to some of the thoughtful posts and information on this forum we were able to melt some rebar in a brick and mud forge in our backyard and pound it into a knife.  Sure we melted the end of the tuyere and burned through enough charcoal to barbeque for an army but he was thrilled and it was a birthday he will never forget !

We currently live in El Salvador so a lot of the recommended supplies are imposible to get, but we’re going to keep at it and I’m sure I’ll need some help along the way!

Below is a photo of our first forge and “El Primero” as we named our first knife.  

Thanks to everyone on the forum for sharing your passion and knowledge.  



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