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More on Portable Wheeled Anvil Stand.

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I had to go to Harbor Freight yesterday. Picked up their on sale mig cart for my propane rectangular forge. It is a great practical set-up. The 20 gal. tank rides in back and clears the wheels. I set the top shelf level to keep the rear opening from somewhat aiming the DB at the tank. Then a double layer 3000* blanket is under the forge and draped nicely over the LP tank. The tank and fittings dont even get warm to touch.

The bigger question. HF had their hydraulic jack 500 pound lift cart on sale for $99.99. Can't link- it is the yellow one) I grabbed one[ part # 94822-OVGA]. The plan would be to add welded on sockets for legs to rest on solid ground at whatever turns out to be optimum height. Rated at 500 pounds, it would still need more than just the jack position to keep the mechanism from being beaten up by the transfered energy through the anvil- thus, the legs. I would use 1/2" pins through ths sockets and legs- removable but sturdy. Now, there is a dilemma of how to place the anvil- but with my back, I need a bit higher working height for many of my various benches. The top tray is basically removeable. so I could weld up a smaller "table" for the anvil itself. Foot clearance under the chassis is OK- I can move in close without the partial bend at the waist that is not doable for me. The standard table may well still give access, but to have 360* around the anvil and vertical angle for work to anvil, the smaller tray proportioned to the anvil will likely be made.

I can easily return. MORE COMMENTS PLEASE???jet ---PS- They have their China ASO on sale right now. Almost bought one just to see how lousy it is.j

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