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Antique Tap and Die Set

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A friend of mine has a Greenfield "Little Giant" tap and die set with the original wooden case and the label in the top of the box. Does anyone know what it is worth, she is going to sell it at a garage sale. She sent a picture of it but it is included in an email and I can't download the immage, if anyone is interested or wants to see it email me, gardenforge@yahoo.com and I will forward it to you


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All depends on the sizes of the taps and dies. Also, the condition of the tools and box themselves and the age. Sometimes, depending on the venue of sale, they can go for a nice price. Usually ebay can be a good starting point for comparison, as I have seen them listed there.

Here's a newer set, but I think the price is a little exagerated. :oGreenfield Little Giant TAP & DIE SET 20 Sizes NOS - eBay (item 200225666837 end time May-27-08 13:40:51 PDT)

Here's another, this is more like it.... Antique vintage LITTLE GIANT GREENFIELD TAP DIE SET - eBay (item 300225027140 end time May-21-08 18:22:20 PDT)

There's just so many variables to be applied. I sold a larger set a while back for $75. I think that was realistic, as they were not small ones.
Hope this helps.

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