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wetstones... Brands, grit, and type.

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If your looking for them with the intended purpose of sharpening, I would recommend Norton Fine India stones. They are a man-made stone from Norton abrasives. I have never found the need for more than the Fine India stone for my sharpening needs in the shop.

Some folks prefer water stones, which are available in a wide range of grit sizes and types.

For field sharpening, I carry a DMT (Diamond machining technologies) sharpener that has a 400 grit diamond sharpener on one side, and a 600 grit on the other. It comes with a fold up handle that contains the stones for storage. Whats nice about the DMT is that when I'm out hunting, all it needs is a swish in any water, or even snow, and its good to go.

Any of the above you can quickly find by doing a google search.

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It also depends on what you're sharpening, the DMT sharpeners are excelent for general and field use blades, but completely inadequate for a straight razor for example.

For straight razors, I'd talk with Howard at The Perfect Edge to get some good stones for that.

In general he's a good source for stones of all sorts, DMT, Norton, etc.

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