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my first rr spike knife


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well guys, i thought id spend the day pretending to be a bladesmith and start making knives out of my pile of railroad spikes. i twisted the handle 3/4 of a turn and flattened it, and just beat the other end into shape. i then reheated until dull cherry, and have it stuck in a barrel of vermiculite for the timebeing so i can work the edge later. i have absolutely no idea what im doing but ive got 40 spikes to get it right. comments? suggestions? thanks guys!


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well, the second one i decided to plough straight through with and finish up just to see what it would look like. i didnt temper, anneal or harden this one, just heat and beat, grind down and filed the edge. i ground the head down so it sits nice in your right hand. the twist is very close; i think the next one will only get a half turn and it should line up with the fingers nicely.



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