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I Forge Iron

First non break forge


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So i picked up the decking at the metal supply heap. it was relativly intact, also had all pullies for a wonder. I used a dollar special hair dryer, for low and high setting. I will note that the hair dryers I saw will not blow cool air without keeping the trigger held down. So I zip tied it in place and carried on with my business. I will be replacing the PVC fitting you currently see with the black pipe shortly. Just needed it to check the run before throwing down the green. The ash dump will have a short length running down with a clamp down tractor exhaust flange on bottom.  The rotor on the left, top and bottom, are for counter weights. need to make a better base for the forge once materials are available. 

Fired it up once as proof of concept. Was able to get respectable forging temps with my TS anthracite coal. now just need to add my side draft hood and we should be good to go. 


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