Louie DeBono

Bart Jam Dao.. The Wing Chun Butterfly Swords

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This is my first attempt at sword making. It's the first,  in a set of two, that I am making and presenting to my Sifu, or instructor, on his birthday in January. They come in pairs, and in Wing Chun are used as extensions of the hands, rather than a seperate wielded weapon, with all of the attacks and defenses performed as if one was fighting empty handed. I made this from a piece of metal salvaged from a trailer assembly used for pulling mobile homes. The handle is made from a broken wheel barrow handle. 


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16 hours ago, David Einhorn said:

Thx Dave for the tip. I've heard of Demora I think. My Si-gung, Grandmaster, is William Cheung, top fighter at the school in Hong Kong ran by the  famous Yip Man. He was also best friends and senior training partner of Bruce Lee in his first years in martial arts. 

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