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Peel Textured G10...Need Help


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Hey guys so you know that G10 that is textured basicly the way you get it has a top layer that you peel off revieling the texture undernieth then treat it just like any other handle material just don't grind the texture down. So I am having issues with peeling off that top layer it doesn't want to come off. I have even tried taking a razor blade and gutting it right under that peelable layer but I still cant get it right, the best a I did was I cut  test piece and got the razor in there but the razor didn't get under the first layer it actually got into the handle material and cracked it so one side peeled ok but half of it basicly broke the material in half.... Does anyone have any sugestions on doing this....this stuff would be perfect for a knife I am working on but cant get it to peel right. ANY help would be appreciated THANKS

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