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I Forge Iron

Hello from Athens


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Hello all, I've been lurking for a good long while and thought I want to ask a few questions, so I joined. 

I am still at the very beginning of the craft, learning whenever I get time at the forge, which sadly is not that often. My interests with regards to blacksmithing are primarily ornamental ironwork, but also functional tools, however the only semi-functional tools I've made so far are a punch, chisel, and drift, a small misshapen hammer, and a couple of abysmal-looking tongs which I since decided were no good for anything so I cut them up and used them. Ok, two misshapen candleholders too! Incidentally that was my trigger for liking the craft, the fact that if something doesn't work it is usually possible to reclaim and use at least part of the material. 

My "final" goal is to forge a wrought iron chandelier, and that was also what made me think if I could get all the components needed to forge someday. 

The wealth of information here is amazing!

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