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bench shear repair


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Some while back I was given a pair of bench shears with a chip knocked out of the edge of one blade. I would like to have them repaired but I don't know how to go about it. How do I determine the alloy of the steel edge? It seems that would be the starting point, before I go on to welding and heat treating. The edge looks like it is welded to a softer iron body and I don't know how that affects heat treat. Thanks in advance for considering my questions



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Irondragon, thanks for the reply

I think there is enough steel in the edge of the blade to grind or file, but I'm concerned that changing the profile of the edge might do more harm than good. I haven't taken a file to it so I don't know how much of a job that would be. If I were to grind or file and ended up with the tip unable to close, I presume I could bend the handle to correct that. I don't know the alloy of the handle or whether it is heat treated, as in spring, so the question becomes what about the heat affected zone from the bend. I will go get some better pics with scale. maybe you or someone else can give me more guidance If it can be seen better.

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