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Drill bit knife


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I had a old drill bit that was about 3/4", so i decided to forge it. I forged it to the basic size that I wanted and then stalk remove the rest. When I was stalk removing there a line where the steel seemed to be different (harder) my file wouldn't even bite. I was wondering is the really hard stuff D2 and the softer low carbon. And will this make a good blade still.
I included a pic.


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The real hard stuff is high speed steel and the softer stuff is high carbon. Both have been used as blade material. Just how do you HT it? You really do not have enough to test soo you will be doing a best guess. For beginning it may be OK but if you go much further you will see a great difference using Known steels. At least use springs which normally are high or medium carbon.

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Some of that unknown drill and cutter steel can be air-hardening, too. Unless you really know your stuff (which I don't), stick with more simple steels.

If you are dedicated to scrounging, go with old files or old car & truck springs; coil or leaf.

Keep it simple.
Oh, and it's "stock removal" ;)

Stay at it,


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