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rail road steel question?


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I have a base plate I think thats what is it is. Its is the plate the rail lays on and the spikes go throught to hold down the rail. My question is would this be good metal for knife making and what would be the carbon content?
Thanks for the help

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Forge out a small piece (less than 1/8th thick). Bring it up to heat until it just looses magnetic attraction then quench it in water. Then stick it in a vise and hit it with a hammer. If it breaks it is probably good for a knife. If it bends no good. If it cracks in the quench then use oil for the knifeblade. If it does break look at the fracture and see what it looks like. You should see a nice gray surface with no granules like sand in it. If there is it was over heated. Or possibly l not normalized properly. But this is for future HT applications.

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a few years ago I had a booklet of a steel company with all the sorts of steel what they made. they where specialized in railroadtracks and what they showed, was all over 0,6% carbon and somewhat mangan, nothing else really countable. The grade of carbon should work for normal blades and tools and a hardness around 58 HRC should be reached easily.


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