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Milan Folklore Festival

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Drove 40 miles to the Milan (TN) Folklore Festival today. This is held at the University of TN Ag research center and museum. Great time, lots of old time crafts, tools, farm impliments, etc. They had two blacksmiths, one of whom was 89 years old. He was more interesting to talk to than to watch. They gave him a coal forge with the blower crank on the BACK of the forge, the anvil pointed the wrong way and his hammer had a badly cracked handle. He was not a happy camper! :oops:

The other gentlemen operated Cole's Forge but I don't know where he is located. He had some nicely made items for sale and seemed to be doing a good business. He was by himself so we did not talk much. Pound iron, collect money, pound iron, collect money....it was so monotonous.... :D

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