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Blacksmiths in Sweden?

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Hello, or perhaps I should say hallå,

I am am visiting Sweden for the next 12 weeks, and am very interested in meeting with local craftspeople while I am here. I know Sweden is rich with fine craft and design history and I would love to learn anything I can from those still practicing those traditional trades, especially blacksmiths, bladesmiths and other metalsmiths as I work in these media myself. Currently I am staying in Linköping for the next week and a half, and I also plan to visit Restenäs, Stockholm, Borlägne, and hopefully Uppsala while I am here, and I am open to traveling elsewhere as funds permit. If any of you happen to be in the area or have a contact in Sweden to share, could you please let me know in a comment or PM? Tack! (Thanks!)

Here's a little info about me: I am from North Carolina in the USA, and have been pursuing crafts since 2010 when I got started at John C. Campbell Folk School. I graduated from the Professional Crafts Jewelry Program at Haywood Community College in 2014. I enjoy bladesmithing and have a great interest in Swords as well as learning traditional hand work. Currently, I am working towards using these skills in missionary service work, including, developing programs for youth and appropriate audiences, teaching people in developing regions basic toolmaking or jewelry skills for economic development, etc. See below for some example photos of my craft work.


My first and only Sword: 1075 forged steel, sand cast white bronze pommel and guard with quartz crystals set in the pommel, stingray skin grip, about 43in/109cm long.


Seax knife: Selfmade bloomery furnace steel forged, bog oak handle, cast bronze fittings with hand stamped decoration, about 10in/25cm long


Puzzle pendant: Silver and copper with bezel set hematite, some forged elements and a unique puzzle clasp design

You can view more of my past work here: http://bezalelblades.blogspot.se/p/gallery.html


Here are just a few photos of some old metalwork here in Linköping:

linkoping door handle.jpg

Forged door handle in the building I am staying in.

linkoping gate 1.jpg

Linkoping gate 2.jpg

A gate and detail, at the cathedral.

tree of life Linkoping.jpg

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