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Tool score!

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Well, a friend of my dads, builds and repairs brass instruments. He often makes tubas from scratch, and he is quite revered in the tuba world. ANyways, when my dad mentioned that I was doing blacksmithing, he handed my dad a tool, and said "Give this to him".
At first, I wasnt sure if this was a wierd straight peen hammer, or a hot cut. It looked like a hot cut, but the striking surface wasnt dented at all. So I took it to a smith who lives a few blocks from here. Martin Gabbert is his name. He says its a hot cut. And, its a really good one(it says Champion Dearment on it), and its never been used! This is a tool thats quite possibly 60 years old, never been used, and really good, and I got it for free! Well, needless to say, I am sending Jim a Christmas present (probably a few forged hooks), and I owe him some serious thank you's.

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Strangely enough, Jim also gave one to martin, that also hadn't been used... Martin suspects that he worked at a hardware store back when they were phasing things like this out, and he got a bunch somehow. But I look forward to using it, it seems like a nice tool, now that I cleaned it up a bit.

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