Paint on Spanish ironwork

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I recently visited Barcelona, and noticed a new to me finish/ coating / metal paint. This appeared to be common on very much of the outdoor metal work from Gaudi decorative iron elements to normal gates, fences, and even water fountains. It resembles and feels to the touch like a newly sandblasted surface with a bit darker color- close to graphite. Appears very similar to graphite mixed with a binder but is not slippery, in fact has a gritty texture, satin finish with barely visible sparkles as though it contains some fine abrasive. Looks so close to a metal surface it's hard to tell it's paint, except where it's chipped. A little googling turned up mentions of "Hammerite" paint- however the pictures of Hammerite really do not resemble what I saw. Type of thing I've been looking for forever but not seen! Had no luck trying to find out on the short trip...

Anybody know what this stuff is?

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