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side blast build reply

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Sorry mods - disappearing post is doing my head in... 

Morning all, Hopefully my reply won't disappear today. 

Jim, there is a picture floating round the forum by Alan Evans that explains the side blast far better than I could. - In the thread linked below. 


I've never built a water cooled side blast though I have used many "dry" tue side blast forge's over the years. I'm sorry to say this will be a very drawn out WIP as I have another week ashore just now before leaving for the rigs once again. I also don't have all the materials I need to continue the build, but I will do what I can. 


Right then: 

I had spent some time drawing up plans for the forge over the last couple of months, with the idea that I would but a large sheet of steel from my supplier and have them cut it up for me. The hearth was going to be 600mm square originally but this slowly became larger and more rectangular as the design went on. 

This all went out of the window completely when a few days ago I visited my local scrap yard and found a good portion of the sheet steel I'd need to make the box / hearth. At scrap prices I couldn't really pass it up. 

The bottom of the box will now be a piece of 1/4" thick - 20x23" plate. And the sides are 2mm (inch measurement??) plate. - These are both thicker and thinner dimensions than I had intended but at £10 for the lot, including the box section you see in the stand above I really couldn't argue. The hearth will be a little smaller than I wanted but I can work with it as it is. I plan on making the design fairly modular so I can simply remove the back bosh and build a new hearth if I want to in the long run. 


I need to visit my dad's workshop to machine the donut that will sit in the end of the cone, but that won't be for a few weeks yet sadly. 


The entire thing will have two large wheels attached to the base of the forge for ease of moving it around for now. 


Little blacksmith  - thanks. That's actually today's job oddly enough. I'm going to put a plate on each foot. 


All the best 


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