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Hey, here's the picts I promised you.  1st is the set of nippers you sent me. I managed to make them work well on both 1/2" and 3/8" square and round bar. You can trim the ends as needed.





2nd is a set of tongs I'm working on for you for spikes. The blanks still need some work. I'll temporarily bolt them together and fit and size them for the spikes this weekend if I get time. I'd hoped to get out to forge tomorrow while the weather was warmer, but work today ended up running into tomorrow. I figured I'd leave the reigns for you to draw out and taper unless you want me to do it. That way you can do some work on your tongs and they will fit easier in the box when I ship them back. I have some other things I want to toss in the box if I can find them, so it may be a bit before I send this all out depending when I get the chance to get out in the shop based on work.






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