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another failure


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This one was for my younger brother who is really in to boy scouts. Its my first leather handle and I tried a fine bead blasted finish with a light sanding and buffing. I also tried soldering the guard piece, but for some reason after everything was glued and the cap piened in place the handle shrunk after shaping the leather. I don't know if it was the gorilla epoxy or the heat from sanding the leather but I ended up with a .0625 gap at the guard and the cap, so this one is now a shop knife. I didn't really like the way it turned out anyways but I now know that leather handle make a massive mess.


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Plumbers solder is not really good for that application.  StayBrite  by Harris   is used to good effect in may applications,  When applied according to cleaned and fluxed steel it holds like a champ;  Silver Solder is the choice for most similar application;http://www.homedepot.com/p/Lincoln-Electric-Solder-Stay-Brite-Kit-with-Flux-SBSKPOP/100672838

I've used hard silver solder on stainless but that is too hot  for knife work I fear. StayBrite is exampled in many knife texts.   As I read it wrap the blade in heat absorbing materials and solder from the hilt side of the guard.

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