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Bituminous or Smithing Coal Near Allentown PA

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  I'm heading up to the Allentown area in Pa with my dad who's dropping off a clock to some guy. We are coming from NJ on 78. Anyone know of a place I can find bituminous coal or smithing coal in that area that's not too far out of route? I can only find anthracite hear, and from my web search I can only find anthracite dealers. Thanks

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I just replied to your Pm on the subject. Peoples coal up in Stroudsburg is the closest place I know of to Allentown that has blacksmithing coal.


As I mentioned, since you list Northern NJ as your location, You might be able to head across I 80 into PA, hit Peoples Coal, then take Pa33 down to where it hits I78 between Allentown and Bethlehem. I'd guess it's maybe 1 hour to 45 minutes between I78/PA33 and when you'd get to Peoples Coal from when I went up Early last moth to the PABA meeting.

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I don't even have a lot of space for a ton. I loaded up most of a pallet crate and that was only about 1000lbs. I think I paid about $250 for the 1/2 ton.Just tell then you want blacksmithing coal, they'll know what you want.  PM sent.

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